I've been creating portraits based on some of my favourite 'faces' found in popular culture using paint, applique and embroidery

I love how make up can be a form of expression and transformation. I've been inspired by countless strong glamorous and unique characters from TV, music and drag, that have been aided in some part by their unique application of make up. I'm not talking about a lick of mascara, I'm talking full on glamazonian power!

This is an ongoing project I'll be adding to as each new portrait is created

Homage to Laila


Portrait inspired by drag queen Laila McQueen and make up artist Lucy Garland

Homage to Kim


Portrait inspired by drag queen Kim Chi and make up artist Lucy Garland



Portrait of super bitch Alexis Carrington Colby played by the one and only Dame Joan Collins

Laila McQueen


Drag eye portrait of Laila McQueen