The Wedding Supper (Or Til Decree Nisi Do We Part)

The Wedding Supper is a story of romance and alcohol, a trashy wedding splashed over the pages of Heat told quite fittingly, in the style of a pantomime. Here you can view the happy couple and the guests I created for the exhibition, The People You're Not , can you guess the inspiration behind each incarnation?

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Photo by We Are Tape

The Wedding Supper

Recreated as a toy theatre in the Victorian style, here is my updated take on George Cruikshank's The worship of Bacchus/The Wedding Supper, as part of The People You're Not exhibition.

The Proscenium Arch

Venus looks on in peril as her drunken cupids take potshots at hitting true love, but instead of hitting the target they are in danger of hitting the goddess herself. The reason for their behaviour can be seen in the piles of empty bottles dripping dregs onto the stage below.

Kerry Katona

Feet dirty, clothes in rags; Cinders sneaks a crafty fag between shopping trips.

Photo by We Are Tape

Liza Minnelli

The Fairy Godmother; 'Put a ring on it!' she sings as she quaffs champagne. Taking some of her own advice Liza sports not one but three wedding rings.

Photo by We Are Tape

Errol Fylnn and Katie Price

The happy couple, a fairytale prince and princess. Errol puts on his most dashing demeanor to woo the ever plastic Katie who wears a dress somewhere between My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and a toilet roll cover.

Photo by We Are Tape

Elton John

Come on Watford! Dame Elton makes it clear who she supports in this eyecatching ensemble with just a little tipple put aside for later on.

Photo by We Are Tape

Shane McGowan and Bender from Futurama

Shane seems to have inebriated not only himself but his horse's head too, a costume he resembles right down to the teeth, or lack of. Bender on the other hand finds Shane's antics the perfect opportunity for a little self indulgence.

Photo by We Are Tape

Tommy Cooper

Buttons, the lovable fool. Here we find him pouring gin on his cornflakes because as Tommy once said, 'milk is bad for you'.

Photo by We Are Tape