"I'm not sure I can express just how pleased I am with my portrait by Gemma Parker. I absolutely adore it! I've been a fan of Gemma's work for years now and while a lot's changed in my life during this time, this appreciation has been a constant. I'm thrilled to have a commission to hang along with a couple of Gemma's other works. It's fantastic to get to meet the artist, Gemma's warmth and passion shine through and I think that just adds to the piece.
I'd strongly recommend anyone considering purchasing a piece of art to contact Gemma for something truly special"

Fiona Stott

"Allure" creeps to the lips when looking at Parker's paintings. There's the nod back in time to an era of percieved 'innocence in sexuality', the curvacious feminine creatures created in homage to a pre-war Britain of glamour and the witty tone inherent throughout her works means it's easy to see why these images have proved so successful at exhibitions and with private commissions.

Freeq Magazine

Call it burlesque, call it fetishism, whatever the word is, we call it sexy and we're pretty sure you will too...With images ranging from classic 1940s long legs to suggestively pronounced tattoos, these detailed caricatures remain contemporary whilst offering a wry nod at a nostalgia dominated by suggestion, something sorely missing from most of the imagery of our time.

Sphere Magazine

Back in 2005 I was introduced to Gemma through a mutual friend at her "Maybe She's Born With It" exhibition. I was so impressed with Gemma's work that I asked her to commission a painting for me. I honestly didn't think that I would be so amazed by the finished product; it exceeded all of my expectations. Gemma is a true credit to her profession, and my painting takes pride of place in my bedroom.

Miss Chambers Manchester

Gemma Parker is a truly talented young lady. I was fortunate enough to be part of a project Gemma was undertaking and I had my portrait painted and it is literally a work of art! Gemma's logo's are also of a very high standard and I would recommend her to anyone requiring portraits or company logo's

Scarlet Fever from Channel Four's Faking It, Wales

Your art is mesmering and brings characters and features to life and each piece has it's own unique story to tell.
My portrait still has pride of place in my house. Big fan of your work, it's fabulous

Abbe Manchester

Gemma is an artist with exceptional talent in caricatures. I was delighted with the two pieces of artwork I commissioned Gemma to complete for my Madame Ant and Rouge Rum acts. The excellent work was completed within the time frame set. I would unreservedly recommend Gemma to [burlesque] artists looking for unique, special and beautifully executed caricatures. I am a very happy customer!

Candee Birmingham

G.... Just wanted to say what an amazing portrait! I love love love it! You have captured the essence of me beautifully and your talents are second to none. Every woman should have a painting by you hanging on her wall! Thank you so very much.

Rene Lumley Manchester

I had never commissioned a painting before, but any fears were soon allayed by Gemma's enthusiasm and willingness to help me through the process. The result was a beautiful picture that each day brings a smile to my face.

Steve Beck Cheshire.

When Gemma agreed to paint a portrait of me I was thrilled as I had always wanted something a little different & knowing how brilliant she was I knew I would love it! We had discussed & laughed about what the caption in my speech bubble would read & we definitely chose the right one that represented me! people often ask "what is the rumour?".......

Liv Fuller Cheshire