The Manchester Review

Jan 2019

Review of The Hidden Pin Up performed as part of Push Festival 2019 at HOME

The Manchester Review

Manchester Evening News

Dec 2015

Article about the return of Sketch-O-Matic featuring work by myself from past Sketch-O-Matic outings.

The booth is back 4th - 13th Dec, catch it while you can, this is the LAST time it will appear!

Manchester Evening News Article

Interview for Within My Locket Blog

April 2015

In this interview I discuss my creative journey with blogger Mo Ray. We cover past projects, current work and inspirations and favourite films amongst other topics.

Rooms Magazine

July '14

Online preview article about my Cornerhouse Projects exhibition exploring themes of transgender femininty.

Nyx a nocturnal

Spring/ Summer 2013

Issue 8: Skin

I have work published in Nyx Magazine!
Funded by the Centre for Cultural Studies and the Graduate School at Goldsmiths, University of London, this magazine is available in good bookshops in London and the Cornerhouse in Manchester. Issue 8 is themed on skin tackling gender, sexuality, love and ego to name but a few of the topics inside.

Design Splat Magazine

7th April 2011

An interview about my practrice and life as an artist with online arts magazine Design Splat.

The Art Newspaper

19 Jan 2011

Article about The People You're Not exhibition.


28th January 2011

Article previewing 'The People You're Not' exhibition at the Cornerhouse Manchester.

Cornerhouse podcast

3rd Feb 2011

An interview with me taken on the night of the private view of The People You're Not exhibition. There's lots on interesting info and chat, and you can find me at 6:30 mins...

Cornerhouse Podcast 03Feb2011 by CornerhouseMCR

Freeq Magazine

21st January 2010


After a chance meeting last year at an art show we invited an up and coming Manchester painter to show people her work in our beautiful magazine. Thankfully we also had time for a quick chat.

In a world of digital the tradtional is often overlooked, left slumped at the back of the room sick from underexposure. In contrast 31 year-old Gemma Parker trained in multiple disiplines to explore medium but now paints rose tinted pasts with imagined characters.

She graduated with an MA in Communication Design in 2001.When she finished studying her work had been, through independant and influecned decisions, focused on variety.

"When I met David Hancock in Manchester he looked at my work and recommeded that I try getting into painting, which isn't something I would necessarily have focused on. Eight years later I always paint" explains Parker.

"Allure" creeps to the lips when looking at Parker's paintings. There's the nod back in time to an era of percieved 'innocence in sexuality', the curvacious feminine creatures created in homage to a pre-war Britain of glamour and the witty tone inherent throughout her works means it's easy to see why these images have proved so successful at exhibitions and with private commissions.

"I have a lot of requests for portraiture with the oddest private commission coming from a gentleman who just wanted a tiny segment of a girls back drawing. It makes sense really when you think about my work" she quips.

Making it as a freelance artist in Manchester can often be a mammoth task- the city scene is notoriously underfunded when compared to rival 'creative hubs' such as Glasgow or Liverpool. To ease the burden Parker and other artists who work at the city's URBIS gallery created URBIS Creatives in early 2009

"It's been a strange year in art as galleries, exposure and interest, have all suffered thanks to the recession. The Creatives really helps stabilise some of this as it means that everyone has their ear to the ground and can assist eachohter even if we work in hugely different styles" says Parker.

"I personally try to celebrate femininty thorugh artwork, and give it a sexual but tongue in cheek touch. I find glamour, theatrics and showmanship very important and want to show people this. I hope that people can see this in both the burlesque figures, and my new work, which deals with sailor tattoos, female imagery and the importance of nautical phrases in common language" says Parker, a young woman beginning to make waves against the tide of the times.

Martin Gutteridge-Hewitt

Sphere Magazine

14th October 2009

Following my exhibiting at this year's Buy Art Fair, I have been featured in a fab article by journalist Martin-Guttridge Hewitt highlighting his favourite three picks from the selection of art on show!

Sunderland Echo

20th December 2008

Preview of The Sunniside of Burlesque exhibition

BBC Stoke and Staffordshire

11th November 2008

A little snippet from the BBC covering the Scarlet Fever portrait unveiling held last month at Stoke on Trent Burlesque. (This article is no longer available)

See Events for more details

Collective North East

1st July 2008


Manchester artist Gemma Parker is coming to Sunderland in partnership with Art-Wave to respond to historical research into the Sunniside area and some of the characters who've lived there in an exhibition entitled The Sunniside of Burlesque. A photoshoot of costumed characters took place in the area in May and these photographs will be exhibited in The Place in June (date TBC) alongside some of the artist's recent paintings.

Interview for The Candy Pitch

20th June 2008

In this interview I answer some quirky questions about what inpires me to paint and perform burlesque!

Press coverage of Sunniside shoot

21st May 2008

The press turned up to interview and photograph myself and the participants of the Sunniside art project where I've been doing my burlesque art residency. I am wrongly credited in this photo, I was the artist in residence for this project. You can read details about the event on my myspace blog HERE

Coverage on Style in the City

See my 'Bon Bon's' work as exhibited at 'In All Her Finery' in Channel M's Style In The City Episode 8. This episode also features a small interview with me talking about the delight of corsets!

Interview with Shake it Doll!

2nd February 2008

The fabulous blog which documents the shimmies and shakers of the UK burlesque circuit has recently interviewed me about my art, style and ambitions. (This link is no longer available)

Tassel Time Interview!

18th November 2007

I was interviewed for episode two of the UK burlesque radio show Tassel Time! The interview covered recent and upcoming art projects, inspirations and burlesque news and chat.
Link no longer available

Pure Cheshire

4th September 2007

Article about my portrait project with Scarlet Fever, star of Channel Four's Faking It Burlesque Christmas Special.

Manchester Advertiser

30th May 2003

Do Gentlemen Really Prefer Blondes?
Article about the exhibition by Steph Jones

City Life

14th May 2003

Review of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes exhibition


2nd May 2003

Review of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes exhibition


25th April 2003

Preview of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes exhibition